Hosts (Festival Directors)

Maryanne “MA” or “Auntie M” Pearce
One of Canada’s better-kept military secrets is the fact that, years ago, we had had our own research program to develop a new breed of “super soldier.” One day one of the researchers experimented with combining Mohawk and Celtic DNA. The experiment was successful. Too successful, it turned out, when the subject escaped from her cell, beat all the researchers and soldiers senseless, and bashed her way out through a reinforced concrete wall. A couple of decades later, the army still has not caught up with Maryanne. This may be because Maryanne (a.k.a. “MA” or “Auntie M” if you are a small child or foster dog) has a doctorate in law, and your average soldier rightly feels that a Celtic Mohawk legal expert is something he is definitely NOT paid enough to deal with. Or it may simply be because Maryanne has become very adept at camouflaging herself under a giant pile of rescued Great Pyrenees dogs.

To date, only two people have successfully got past MA’s defenses and lived to tell the tale. One is Auz who, in the true Viking spirit of doing recklessly brave and insane things, married her. The other is Lady Pamilla, who hypnotized MA with something shiny and tricked her into taking over KG. Not content with that momentous task, MA & Auz decided that running one festival would not be enough challenge, so they should purchase a special events campground for lots of festivals and events can take place. No doubt, however, MA will approach these new challenges as she always has – screaming, with a sword in one hand and a tomahawk in the other.

Austin “Auz” Lawrence
At first glance, Austin Lawrence (a.k.a. “Auz, the Viking”) is your typical Viking warrior: blond, bearded, over six feet tall. In talking to him, however, one quickly realizes that if Auz had been a Viking, he would have been the one standing in the longboat saying, “Do we really have to do this pillaging and burning thing all the time? Can’t we all just get along?” At which point he likely would have been tossed overboard, so it’s probably a good thing he was never really a Viking.

Auz has shown his Viking-ness courage/silliness in non-violent ways, such as repeatedly doing insane things like agreeing to help run KG, buying a campground, and marrying hybrid Celtic-Mohawk warrior (see above). Auz does have the Viking berserker tendency to laugh in the face of peril. So far peril is taking it personally, and seems to be sulking in the corner.

At KG 2009 Auz was crowned Stag King. There is absolutely no truth to the rumour the organizers were bribed with a barrel of mead and lifetime passes to Raven’s Knoll.

Flying Monkeys (Security)

The Flying Monkeys are the KG security team. Equipped with radios, coffee and pithy jokes, the Flying Monkeys are the day-to-day hosts of the festival. They provide directions to parking, registration, the beach, etc., as well as help you find your tent when you forgot your flashlight. They enforce the rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment, but do so with a smile. The Flying Monkeys are on site and working 24/7. Should you have a problem, even if it is not security related, the Flying Monkeys can help you find the correct staff member to assist.

Badger Jones, Head of the Flying Monkeys

Way back in KG history, someone came up with the brilliant idea that what the Fest security team – aka the Flying Monkeys – really needed was a martial arts master. They were probably thinking of a John Carradine-Chuck Norris sort of character. What they got was Badger – a somewhat bewildered Caucasian Jackie Chan with a bearing so amiable he has trouble scaring chipmunks, and who carries so many edged implements of destruction that he clanks when he walks and tends to fall over backwards from the weight. (Tip: Don’t ask “does anyone have a knife?” around Badger. You’ll be there a very, very long time.)

Having been promised sharp shiny things and a radio, Badger has been dragged into the madness. KG2010 was Badger’s first solo flight as Wing Commander of the Flying Monkeys – a ragtag band of Vikings, rednecks, amazons, pirates, and other assorted oddballs who consider making animal noises over the radio to be the pinnacle of comedy. Don’t you feel safer already?

Shamrock, Flying Monkey

She may be cute, but she is not soft. Annoy The Shamrock and you will quickly learn the error of your ways. It’s like being savaged by a titanium teddy bear. Back in the real world Shamrock is a police officer. This makes her unique among KGsecurity in being able to claim some level of actual professional competence in the field of security. Unsurprisingly, this completely fails to garner any additional respect from the rest of the security team who treat everyone with equal irreverence. Please note that at Fest she is on vacation. So, any hounding her about past tickets will be severely punished. Shamrock is also a witch and Priestess of the Mother, which means what she’ll do to you ethereally will make what she just did to you physically seem like a walk in the park.

Kieran “Blackhand Sam” Green, Flying Monkey
Kieran is the original Kaleidoscope pirate (accept no substitutes). He has been accused of a wide range of scallywaggery, including: Viking baiting, telling horrible pirate puns at bardic, aiding and abetting the Ferryman’s shenanigans, boarding a Viking longboat and singing ‘Barrett’s Privateers’ from the deck thereof, changing the name of “Poplar Lane” at Whispering Pines to “Pirate Lane”, and causing Auz to confuse a Viking longboat with a pirate ship in front of a large audience (much to Carpenar’s dismay). Along with Gypsy Dee and the Ferryman, Kieran is one of the three founding Captains of the new alliance of Pagan pirates, the Brethren of the Fest. In order to meet new equality opportunity hiring quotas (too many Vikings, not enough pirates) Kieran was inducted into the KG security crew in 2009. Some believe this may have been a cruel parting joke played by Rick on his successor, Badger. Kieran is married to Kate Summerbell, who inexplicably encourages him in his piratical delusions. Kat is by turns amused, bemused, and terrified by Kieran’s growing immersion in the murky world of KG staff. Kat and Kieran have twin daughters, Kiara and Keilidh. This is possibly because Kieran says it is so hard to find good crew, you might as well grow them from scratch yourself.

Kieran is also part of KG’s programming team, helping to manhandle the workshops, rituals and other special events into web-worthy brilliance, gorgeous print versions and witty staff bios!

Greg Fournier, Flying Monkey
A self-confessed computer geek and gamer, few people know the film “Wargames” was actually based off of Greg’s life. However to throw the authorities off the scent he tells people he works in “adaptive computer technologies”. He loves helping to make life easier for anyone he can and is always willing to lend a hand (and a dimpled smile) wherever needed. An eclectic pagan, for most of his life he has grown and expanded his spiritual base, making room for the practices and ideologies of many paths. Lately, however, Greg has had to take up cat-burglary to meet his wife Sammy’s insatiable lust for shiny things.

Ron, Flying Monkey
After the demise of Goldfinger, henchman Oddjob drifted from odd job to odd job. After desperate financial circumstances forced him to take a cameo appearance in the terrible live action Inspector Gadget, he realized his life had sunk to a new low. He headed off to the remote Himalayas to meditate and find new direction at a Shaolin monastery. What he found instead was Badger, who knew talent when he saw it and thought that throwing razor-embedded bowlers was a really neat trick. Oddjob changed his name to Ron, and now spends his days happily ambling about Raven’s Knoll as henchman to an evil genius whose biggest ambition is taking over someone’s hammock.

Gypsy Birch, Flying Monkey

If you think you see someone wandering silently through the evening shadows, it could very well be Gypsy. While he may generally be a man of few words, beware if you become a solo captive audience: he’s absolutely capable of rambling on endlessly about inane nonsense, and will undoubtedly do so if you give him the opportunity. Of course, if you’d prefer something along the lines of a story or a joke, he’s more than willing to bore you with one of those instead. (Staff note: The only proven way to escape a Gypsy monologue is to point and say, “What’s that? Something shiny in the forest!’ and then run very fast in the other direction.) Gypsy is very excited to be a part of the Flying Monkeys, and hopes that his penchant for late nights of aimlessly meandering throughout Raven’s Knoll will come in handy, because he doubts his ability to nap at any time of the day will be very useful to anyone.

Viking Mike, Flying Monkey

Viking Mike at KGViking Mike AKA Mike the Viking, a member of the Vikings Of The Metal Age Kindred, can be found doing monkey business, participating in shenanigans and if not on official KG business, will be found throwing axes and spears , shooting bows, and playing with sharp pointy things with his Kindred of the Metal Age brothers and sisters – usually quaffing ale and mead in copious quantities while doing all of the above. At times he will be found assisting Brendan Roche and Gypsy in Troll work unless it is getting campfire wood – as it has been noted that due to “stumbling (sumbling)” at every stop, festers are usually waiting…and waiting… An actual sea-faring Viking, his muggle profession, like Shammy, is as professional security, as he is a Federal Correctional Officer for Corrections Canada where he has the “pleasure” of working in places like Kingston Pen, Stony Mountain, Prison for Women and currently a multi-security level prison where he smells like pepper a lot for some strange reason….…but they do let him out on parole for good behaviour! This is being questioned and may be revoked due to his position of Correctional Manager in charge of the Institution after Warden’s Hours. As he is worried that the Pirates are getting to big in numbers he has vikingized his two lads Connor and Aidan to augment their ranks …because he insists on teaching them on how to “trade”…..

J.S., Flying Monkey

Juniper Jeni, Flying Monkey

JuniJuniper enjoys writing about herself in the third person for bios. She hails from the weirdness that is British Colombia but has married an Ontario boy for some reason. Having spent most of her adult life moving around and working a random assortment of jobs, she seems to have finally settled down just 10 minutes from the Knoll. She has contributed to a variety of of projects for the greater Pagan community, from blogs to podcasts, and from workshops to running an event at the Knoll. But if you ask her about it she will usually just say something flippant.

Kadri  Lawrence, Flying Monkey

TomyHawK, Flying Monkey

TomyTomyHawK (a.k.a. “Fire Monkey”) is the fire-fighting hippy artist of the group. The part time Kermit the Frog stunt double is always ready with an easy smile and a joke or twelve. When he is not making legions of minions out of mud and dandelion fluf to reenact Micheal Flatly’s Lord of the Dance, or trying to forge a mental connection with The Knoll’s resident force of guard chipmunks, he can be found beating on his djembe like a man possessed who happens to have an impeccable sence of timing and rhythm or running from one end of the grounds to the other carrying out his sacred duties as a Flying Monkey.

David Wolfsong, Flying Monkey

Stacey “The Hammer” Matthews, Flying Monkey

From the misty isles comes this Scottish singing warrior maiden with a heart of gold (… who loves her scotch … and who doesn’t?). One day she came upon a cherished land to find it over run by unruly monkeys (… of the flying variety). In an effort to provide some degree of civility (… because you really can’t tame the monkeys) she joined its ranks to be a calming voice in the cacophony of radio animal noises (…. though she’s been known to throw in an occasion, mooo and a cockadoodledo). By day and night Stacey provides a calming voice to the flying monkeys, and the occasional odd look at some of the shenanigans (… though secretly she’s behind some of them).

Raven Relay (Communications)

The Communications team of the KG staff are responsible for a variety of tasks: writing information for the website, programming, whiteboard changes, communications, radio maintenance and assignment and databases.

13263908_10157033726010249_7887303070592651671_nBrynn Eirdis Chleirich
, Social Media Butterfly
Mother of five, health advocate, social media badass, chartered herbalist, long-time heathen, epic crafter of banners, colour addict, and lover of llamas – this woman serves up one amazing combo platter of qualities! With her trusty stuffed anxiety llama, Lloyd, Brynn can be spotted dashing madly around the Knoll throwing glitter at random people and making sure they know everything there is to know about our fabulous event.

Trolls (Maintenance)

Before, throughout and after KG, much work is needed to ensure everyone has a safe, fun and comfortable time. Picnic tables need to be fixed, moved and set up. Tarps and tents erected, grass cut, branches trimmed, bathrooms cleaned, things fixed, tiki torches filled, toilet paper stacked … – it’s a huge job, and we are happy to have experienced and handy folks to make light work of a large load.

Brendan “Brendan the Handy” Roche, Head Troll
Brendan Roche (aka Brendan the Handy) is the local Igor… albeit an Igor in a sarong. He is usually seen lurching along on mysterious errands that keep the infrastructure of KG and Raven’s Knoll functioning like a well-oiled machine. Ok… a well-oiled machine with bits that go “sproing!” occasionally. Brendan continually works minor miracles like fixing the tractor when Auz has managed to get the gears jammed in reverse. If you see the staff staggering and moo’ing, they’ve likely been subjected to one of Brendan’s milkshakes. If you see Brendan passing with a shovel and a coffin, it’s best not to ask.

Joven Wolf Lawrence, Troll/Green Fairy
As a baby, Joven was found under a sweetfern frond at Raven’s Knoll. He lived feral for a number of years on the property, raised mainly by red squirrels and crows. He has recently been tamed by the staff and is apprenticing to become a Viking warrior.

kaiKai Keindel, Troll
He didn’t roll into Raven’s Knoll, dragged by faeries and one very stubborn kitchen witch is probably a better term. But once he arrived he decided it was the best choice he never made. You might see him roaming about RK doing whatever it is trolls are meant to do to keep the place running and he’s always happy to do it. In early mornings offerings of coffee are accepted, any other time mead will do just fine. A bit artsy and weird, but generally safe to feed and pet.

Ala-Bastard, Troll 

Nefarious Bunnies (Registration)

The Registration team is the first people most KG attendees meet. They are the smiling, occasionally odd, but always friendly faces of KG. They do the very important job of ensuring everyone is registered, banded, given the information needed to get their camp set up and off they go – in under 5 minutes. The Registration area is called “The Rabbit Hole”, as it is indeed the passage into the wondrous and slightly odd world of the Kaleidoscope Gathering.

Nathalie Côté, Head of Registration
natNathalie has no Pagan name. She has been around since before pagan names were invented! So we are running a pool to find the most perfect name for her. Please leave your suggestions at Registration. The winner will earn Nathalie’s ire for the rest of her natural and unnatural life. As head of Registration, Nathalie is the very competent, only slightly Virgo face of KG. Beware ‘He who has not pre-registered and does not know his licence plate number by heart’! When not at Registration, you will find her singing (very loudly!) somewhere, drinking something classy and red (and no! It’s not blood….. I think). She will be awaiting you at registration with bells on…and not much else!

Cat F., Hydro Fairy
Cat is a very easy individual to spot. She is the one wearing the permanent expression of horrified disbelief and displaying an impressive and growing collection of nervous twitches. Competent and conscientious professionals should not have to deal with people who seal up electrical boxes with silly putty and dig up power lines with a post hole auger. Being forced to spend hours alone at RK with Brendan “Igor” Roche probably didn’t help either. This may be why Cat’s hands, when not full of tools, are usually full of numerous bottles of Black Cherry wine.

AngelaAngela Jones, Nefarious Bunny
One of the intrepid registration staff, Angela has refined her natural obsessive-compulsive tendencies to rise to the level of true organizational goddess. Although more comfortable in an urban environment, she braves the woods every summer, flat iron in hand, to ensure that fest-goers are registered and on their way to fun as quickly and efficiently as possible. While she initially wanted to join the Flying Monkeys as part of their experimental Mounted division, it was quickly determined that Gerard, her badass purple unicorn steed, had an unfortunate habit of spreading glitter everywhere, and the whole project was eventually given up as a bad idea. When not forcing innocent Pagans to complete paperwork, Angela keeps herself busy by being ridiculously awesome and plotting world domination.

Sammy Fournier, Nefarious Bunny
Sammy is an eclectic pagan, artist, crafter, and insane magpie. She currently runs Silver Moon Jewellery with her husband, Greg, as a cover for her mad lust for shiny things worthy of a James Bond supervillain. When not hawking her wares she can be found sketching and painting her thoughts into reality or simply reading a good book. She is always looking for new thoughts and ideas and has a great interest in anything theology or psychology related. If you are chatting with Sammy and notice her eyeballing your accessories while muttering “my preciousss”… run. Run fast.

Jason “Ja” Sonier, Nefarious Bunny

In his non-fest (ie “pants ON”) life, Ja does music and other performance, sound design, audio engineering/production, event production and odd/oddly beautiful artistic ventures from the traditional to the technological.  At fest, he has been Thumper, the Nefarious Bunny of the Night (ie the person who welcomes weary fest-goers at registration in the evening), leads workshops to help coax out people’s innate creativity, directs the KG Festival choir and other collective artistic ventures, and, when appropriate (and it’s always appropriate), plays an increasing, and increasingly embarrassing, number of instruments…so many instruments, in fact, that getting into and out of his tent has become a feat worthy of song and story, and, often, ridicule.

He is cheerily determined to bring as much beauty and laughter into this world as he can, and so will always make merry and will improvise poetry, stories, music and song on the spot, some of it even good-ish.  He likes tea, chocolate, chocolate-covered coffee beans, but cannot drink coffee itself without being transformed into an unnerving and awkwardly manic form of pure energy.  He lives for those moments when people around him proclaim, “My gods, Ja, that’s BRILLIANT!”, partly because those moments are somewhat few and far between.

Despite the name, Ja is not Rastafarian, but is instead inspired by a cheerfully unlikely mix of Wicca, Western Shamanism, Western Zen Buddhism, Existentialism, Psychology/Personal Development, Mythology, Bard-ishness, Troubador-like tendencies and his own carefully thought out beliefs in Creativity, Inspiration, Art, Story, Poetry, Beauty, Love, Connection and Good Times.  He also kind of tries to spread the word, sort of, of “ISH”, the, you know, Goddess, more or less, of Approximatio

Unicorn, Registration Mascot

Atd33bf8ed2545f0805c18099cadab29aa the age of six, Unicorn built a miniature nuclear reactor using the radioactive material scraped from ten thousand of glow-in-the dark watches. By 10 they had earned a PhD in Theoretical Physics, stunning the scientific world with their radical theories on the interaction between axions and black holes. Currently Unicorn is working with Stephen Hawking at RIM’s Perimeter Institute. In their spare time, Uncorn plays the jews’ harp with the Boston Pops. If you happen to run into Unicorn around KG, please don’t mention their body hair problem or musky aroma … their very sensitive about it.

MystMyst, Nefarious Bunny

Myst (a.k.a. “Rolling Reg”) was invited to Raven’s Knoll for the Open House (Spring 2010) by Auz & M.A. in an effort to address accessibility issues.  Being in a wheelchair and wanting to attend festivals, Myst welcomed the opportunity to help make Raven’s Knoll barrier-free; that no matter the mobility, all should be able to enjoy the warmth, energy, and freedom of this amazing place and the people that attend there.
Myst follows an eclectic Pagan path, though a Witch at heart, she welcomes the opportunity to learn about all Pagan paths, as well as honouring her Native Ancestors and Guides.
Myst has trained with, and is a member of, Feathers Academy of Clairvoyants and Holistic Therapies, Norwich, UK.  As a Clairvoyant/Psychic Medium, she has helped with Spirit Rescue and those having things that “go bump in the night”!
Myst has also enjoyed sharing the techniques for Grounding & Protecting, working with our Chakras, and using pendulums, as well as connecting with Spirit and our Spirit Guides, having presented this in the form of a workshop at KG 2012 and other events.  As well, Myst has been instrumental in the development and promoting of “after-care” for esoteric rituals; demonstrating a genuine commitment to the spiritual well being of those attending events at Raven’s Knoll.

Sandy “Plume” Durand, Nefarious Bunny

Sandy2Sandy is our mean, scary, uptight Registration Bunny. Which is why she is our early-morning Bunny. The idea is that she will be at registration before anyone actually shows up. So if you must register in the morning, BEWARE!!! We highly recommend bringing her a coffee … or a Scotch, to appease her. But if you manage to conquer the fear she instills in you, you will find Sandy to be a wonderfully fun, creative, artistic and fascinating person who has much knowledge and wisdom to share. She is also a connoisseur of art, handsome men, and good wine.

Healers (Medical Team)

The KG festival is very fortunate to have professional healers on staff. Although every camper should have their own first aid kit, there is a boo-boo kit at Registration, and the Healers are available for more serious injuries or illnesses. However, Healers do not prescribe nor provide any medication, even over the counter medication.

Polka Dot Dan, Head Healer

If during fest you should suddenly find yourself feeling unwell, and a nice looking fellow asks you ‘Do you see spots?’, then you may have imbibed far too much, or you have just come face to face with Polka Dot Dan, one of KG’s official medic. We recognize that having 6 years’ experience as a medic with the Canadian Armed Forces, having put his life on the line in extreme and difficult situations, in far off and exotic places just barely qualifies Dan to survive a week as a KG’s Medic… but perhaps after a few more fests he will be better prepared to serve his country. After all, Polka Dot Dan has often been heard saying : ‘War may be Hell, but it’s nothing compared to the grueling work of trying to keep hundreds of Pagans from drinking, dancing and feasting themselves into oblivion!’. So true, polka dot man, so true.

Princess Buttercup, Healer

Jimmy the Fist, Healer

Meri Fowler, Healer
Meri Fowler is a volunteer for the KG Medics. When not at KG she is a nurse in Montreal. She isMeri II happy to practice speaking French to you while she does first aid! Her favourite pastimes when not working are practicing Ninjutsu and learning new ways to kill people using weapons, which she considers a very balancing part of her personality. (Don’t piss off the nurse!)

Ali “Pegacorn” Keeley, Healer
Ali was born right in the very hour on the cusp between Libra and Scorpio. This is the only possible explanation for the ambulatory contradiction that is she. How else does one end up with a huggy Viking? Ali loves a good brawl, but is actually a nurse – one can only assume so that she can subsequently minister to (and utterly confuse) the unlucky sod she has just hacked off at the kneecaps. Currently she is getting in practice for minor surgery by making a living as a seamstress.

Isa, Healer

IsaIsa (a.k.a. “Poppet’s Mommy”) followed a witch who is fond of dragons to the biggest gathering of Pagans she had ever seen and fell in love with beauty of the Knoll or as she’s often heard saying, “home”. She’s been helping muggles and Pagans alike for more than a decade in various functions, most notably when all Hel breaks loose. Three years ago, a Celtic warrior maiden asked her to join the Department of Insanity, sleep-deprived, polka-dotted healers and she said “yes”. Sleep became a distant memory and medical diagnosis, she learned, are more like guidelines. She’s been know to hail the Vikings in the middle of the night just to get them rowdy and her dog often abandons her for greener pastures, a.k.a. Auntie M’s lap. If you do manage to see her, pray you’re not suffering from anything that you wouldn’t want to or couldn’t explain.

Poppet, Healer Mascot

PoppetWee Poppet was introduced to the Pagan community 7 years ago because his human followed a dragon lady and then fell in love with The Knoll. He’s been know to wander around at night being mistaken for a skunk, vikings have been known to feed and harbour him. He loves his Auntie M more than his human around a fire, but that’s probably because she has the best lap and warmest blankie. He has no issues with little humans who squeeze him while the healers take care of what ails them and has the general disposition of wise old man, being 12 years old and all.

Music and Mirth

The concerts and special events of KG could not happen without the professional assistance of our Music and Mirth staff.

Jock MacGregor, Bardic MC
We are not entirely sure whether Jock is an actor pretending to be a Scotsman, a Scotsman pretending to be an actor, or something else entirely pretending to be both. The latter option seems most likely given the fact he has somehow managed to spawn a miniature wooden clone of himself. We’re not quite sure how this happened, although Carpenar may have been involved in some capacity. We were too frightened to press for more information. Whatever he is, KG Bardic would simply not be the same without his colourful narrative. A man of many talents, Jock also has the ability to speak conversational Orang-utan (ook!).

David Wolfsong, Music Thingy Guy
WolfsongThe Flying Monkey David Wolfsong moonlights as a sound engineer, who can balance the sound of any combination of instruments. (He is also an amazing muscian in his own right.) However, he is mildly fearful of bullroarers.


The Firepit is the drawing point for many people at KG. Fire Keepers keep the fire tended, dancers and drummers safe and enforce the rules of the festival. This year, we are introducing a fire pit moderator, who will help keep the drummers and dancers – and spectators – happy and safe by doing fire pit etiquette and keeping the flow on the go.

Salamander, Head Fire Keeper

Grey Cat, Fire Keeper

Special Undertakings

Gus Croteau, Magical Carnie (Vendor Coordination & Herding)

Jack Layton may have had Canada’s most famous ‘stache, but long before Jack there was Gus. The smiling walrus has become an icon of KG’s vendor’s row. Part of the team responsible for shepherding KG’s ever-growing herd of vendors, Gus is the amiable Yin to Helmut’s glowering, grumbling Yang. Purveyor of fine sarongs, jewellery and similar fest essentials, Gus also has been known to advertise “moustache rides”. We haven’t had the nerve to ask what that entails.

Aniya, Vendor Wrangler

AniyaAniya is born of the elements. Molded from the earth beneath our feet mixed with the life giving waters of the mighty Bonnecher and the sweet air that surrounds us. Given life by the magical fiery breath of a dragon. Graced with the power to forge new life from as little as a single feather. She blazes through this world with the fearsome and devoted FireMonkey by her side and their strong and beautiful sons under her wings.

Angela Grey, Portal Concierge
Several years ago, a lone green witch wandered out of the wild mountains to the far North-West, and into the Ottawa Valley. Her journeys took her far and wide, until her aimless footsteps brought her into the very heart of Raven’s Knoll. When she heard the wind whispering through the trees in the Birch Grove, she stopped dead in her tracks, sat down on the ground, and began a lively conversation with the forest around her.

When Brendan the Handy came upon this strange woman sitting in his back yard, talking to trees, he took what he felt was the only reasonable course of action: he invited her in for tea. Somewhat to his bemusement, she has never left. At KG, she can be found happily tending “her” forest and its associated buildings, introducing fest-goers to her various arboreal friends, and, in true green witch fashion, plotting ways to make the festival even more Earth-friendly than it already is, stepping through standing stones, walking on the underside of waves, dancing in rings of toadstools, and the like.

Munchkinland (Children’s Programming)

The Children’s Programming at KG is amazing. This is not a baby sitting service, however, and parents need to be on hand to assist. The children’s programming has activities for children of different ages, as well as toys for general play. Additional hands are always welcome.





Kadri Weiler, Head Yägermistress
Kadri Weiler was an innocent, unsuspecting chef who had the misfortune to be working in a small restaurant one day when a certain Celtic warrior maiden, along with her Viking mate, stopped by for a snack. They liked their meal so much they invaded the kitchen, abducted the chef, and sailed off with her chained up in their 4-wheel-drive long boat. In what is no doubt a truly horrendous case of Stockholm Syndrome, Kadri has come to love her captors and now seems quite content to continue feeding them as the Yagermistress, as well as running errands, caring for pets including Badgers), and generally keeping MA from going completely off the rails.

“Cookie” Alex, Yägermiester and Unicorn Herder
cookieKnown across the Knoll for his dashing grins and support of shenanigans, this Cookie is usually found in the back of the Yag making something delicious. If you are stressed and need some “pony therapy”, Cookie is the person to see. When not at fest, he can be found liking things on Facebook and pursuing his craft-of-the-month. All his novels are still unpublishable.

Kevin Moorecroft, Yägermiester and Pun-Master

Melissa “Amara” Keindal, Yägermiester and Troll Wrangler
She’s an earthy kind of lass with less of a hitch in her step and more of a tumble. An avid Troll wrangler by trade, she specializes in cooking and baking all the best treats that lure those grouchy sods from under their bridges. She more the method than the madness in the equation that is her married life with Kai the Troll, but every great creation has to start somewhere right? You can catch a glimpse of this unique creature at the YAG selling goodies and shouting out names. If you were to tell her that’s too many herbs to plant in a single back yard, you might not understand that she would consider that more a challenge than a warning. Also she believes all disagreements are better settled with pie eating than violence, ask her about pies … I dare you. Anything that is fuzzy and purrs is usually always welcome for a snuggling too in her books but beware giving her anymore cats permanently, her Troll gets testy.

Rowan, Yägermiester

Rikki Lacoste, Yägermiester

Christina, Yägermiester

Luna, Yägermiester

Debbi Hutchinson, Yägermiester

Wynterowl, Yägermiester

M.C. Basil, Yägermiester and Mad Rhymer

Tara, Yägermiester

A Yagermeister,
Mad shenanigans ensue.
I didn’t do it.

Jacky B, Yägermiester