KG Program

The Kaleidoscope Gathering is an almost impossibly diverse Pagan festival; with a great many treasured festival traditions. (To see what has occurred at past festivals, and what you might expect if you are new to the gathering, see the archives of past programs.)

The gathering is volunteer-run; including the entire program! This event is truly what people bring to it – we are all engaged participants. As a result, you never know exactly what to expect. No matter what though, it has always been a magickal experience; with memories to treasure. Because the program is the result of your contributions, unlike other festivals, do not expect the entire program to be outlined until quite close to the event. You can check the draft program page though, for a preliminary list of some of what can be expected.

Submit a Workshop

As Lady Pameela always said: “Everyone has something to learn, everyone has something to teach.” So anyone should feel free to share your learning, your skills and abilities, something you have been studying, something you think others should know. Remember, that the theme this year is “Treasures“. It would be wonderful if your workshop, ritual, performance, etc. was related somehow to the theme, but it is not absolutely required for your idea to be accepted and added to the program.